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About Us

Welcome from the head teacher

“Santo António International School is an international independent Catholic School in the heart of Estoril. Our aim is to combine academic excellence with a caring family environment.”
Welcome **from the** head teacher Welcome **from the** head teacher

We are a full K-12 British International school and offer the IGCSE and ALevel/AICE diploma CAIE Cambridge Curricula. Here at SAIS we foster the emphasis on personal, moral and social responsibility which are structural foundations for all our community.

The emphasis on strong values translates into a greater component of solidarity in the community in which we operate, as well as in an increasingly global society. At SAIS we thrive for academic, cultural and sporting excellence. Starting off as early as primary, through KS3 our pupils are exposed to active learning skills and many an opportunity to shine in a variety of different fields. Once at IGCSE Level, SAIS pupils can manage their studies and choose their options conscientiously. For their final Diploma years of secondary education SAIS pupils are ready to focus on their university requirement subjects and invest in their final results. This SAIS Pathway is only possible due to the committed team of staff here at school, who are all ready to go beyond in sustaining our pupil’s learning. Teacher to pupil ratio for exam years is of increasing importance in ensuring specialist attention. Welcome to SAIS!

Mission Statement

  • Achieve excellence in the academic, cultural and sporting endeavours through active learning;
  • Instil in each child the importance of the true value of learning through their personal ambition to succeed and establish a solid foundation for their future;
  • Promote fluency in at least two languages, which will enable pupils to communicate and develop a strong understanding of other cultures;
  • Empower pupils with comprehensive knowledge and understanding that will prepare them for higher education and a career at a global level;
  • Develop respect for others, their cultures and religions, thus allowing them to prepare themselves to become responsible citizens of the world;
  • Promote awareness of each other's differences, celebrating diversity within the school community.

Meet the Team

Student Stories

Be a critical thinker; you have to question the world you live in to be able to find sustainable answers to the problems we are faced with today.”
Bernardo Torres Pêgo,
From SAIS to Católica University in Lisbon
“At SAIS I learned about investigating beyond our textbooks, aiming at looking for more than what is taught in class.”
Sara Borja dos Santos,
From SAIS to Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto
“Throughout my IGCSEs and A Levels, I really learnt how to manage my time efficiently and be very disciplined, which has helped me structure my studies at university level.”
Katarina de Jesus Chong,
From SAIS to Marine Science Bangor University in Wales

Background Information

SAIS – Santo António International School emerged as a result of a project created by a group of several professionals, teachers and former pupils from diverse educational backgrounds who saw different areas of learning that they felt warranted greater focus in their children’s education.

The school building is located in the heart of Monte Estoril, near the historical Villa of Cascais in the Lisbon District area. All classrooms are situated within the main building, the dining room and vocational subjects (Art, Design, Music, and P.E. & P. Arts) are located on the ground floor leading onto the Patio. Our spacious Multipurpose Hall is used for physical education, school weekly assemblies, school presentations, external examinations and other performances.