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There are a number of activities that we undertake at SAIS in an after school cross curricular basis. From a range of various sports, music and learning different instruments to photography and crafts. Summer school and work experience are particularly popular. External candidates are accepted.


Through community service and helping local charities and NGO´s our SAIS pupils gain real-world experience and practical skills like leadership, problem-solving and time management. We have aided a wide range of projects in various types of collections be they goods or other. Some of our pupils have carried out their final projects for Global Perspective in partnership with the Lisbon Project. The Lisbon project is a non-profit association which aims to protect and integrate migrants and refugees in Lisbon.

PTA – Parent Teacher Association at SAIS

Since 2013 that the PTA have played an invaluable role in making our new coming families feeling welcomed into our SAIS Family. The Association is organised by year groups which have an appointed Parent Representative and meet on a monthly basis to aid in the running of other school activities such as fundraising activities and other. All are welcome!


SAIS Santo Antonio International we have always been involved with healthy partnerships with enterprises in our local community but also worldwide. From Sporting groups to other International Schools we have paired up with many to promote academic, sporting and cultural endeavours. Join us!