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SAIS – Santo António International School is an International Independent Catholic School located in the heart of Monte Estoril, Cascais - Lisbon. Our aim is to combine academic excellence with a caring family environment. A Significant global change demands a different way of thinking about ourselves and the world around us.

International education has an approach to learning that is focused on critical thinking that helps students to perform successfully in varied intercultural contexts. This approach also includes the development of multidisciplinary communication skills.

The emphasis on personal, moral and social responsibility supports learning and helps young people to apply their international education in their everyday life.

Knowledge of more than one first language and indeed a series of second languages is an enormous advantage and effectively provides a head-start for the future. Fluency in both English and Portuguese spoken as well as written is a goal for all pupils at our school. We aim at controlled class sizes as a way of allowing our pupils to have as much differentiated attention as possible from our well qualified and experienced team of staff. This will inspire, encourage and challenge each child into achieving his/her maximum potential. Our school intends to serve our community by admitting children of both sexes, of all countries and creeds.

Meet the SAIS Team

Our exceptional group of staff have all come from diverse educational & professional backgrounds.

Mrs. Ana I. P. Vasconcellos

School Head
Founding member and Head of SAIS – Santo António International School. Biologist with a large experience in Research and Education, focused on moral values and ethics. Ready to accept new challenges as the one of SAIS - Santo António International School: an international independent Catholic school which aims to combine academic excellence with a caring family environment.

Manuel B.S. Gomes da Costa

School Manager
Founding member of SAIS – Santo António International School, CEO and School Administrator, whose main concern is to ensure the smooth running of the school, enabling all staff members and pupils to have the best possible resources in order to promote quality teaching & learning. I believe in this ambitious project and its importance in sharing our expertise with our local community.

Mrs. Felipa P.V.G. da Costa

Head Teacher
Founding member of SAIS, PHD in Architecture; MSc on Curatorial Studies; MSc Colour in Architecture, Education has always been a top priority in my professional life. Enhancing our knowledge on as many subject areas as we can find interest in will only contribute to our development as coherent human beings.
I strongly believe in opening our pupil’s eyes towards real life and their future. Impossible is nothing, and if we can push all the different academic members of the SAIS family towards a more whole hearted future, then our job has been a successful one. As Curriculum Coordinator at SAIS I oversee all academic levels (Year 6 to Year 13) and strive to implement new syllabus strategies as well as differentiating patterns within our classrooms. We strongly believe in the CIE – Examination board and all the implemented IGCSE and AICE Diploma Curriculums.

Mrs. Sofia Vigo Aguiar

Founding member of SAIS and Pastoral Coordinator. For me teaching is more a calling than a career. I experienced a wide variety of working experiences before becoming a full-time teacher: After completing my degree in Psychology and neuropsychological rehabilitation I started working in both public and private schools. I tutored several pupils and helped with both exam preparation and exam technique at different levels and in different educational systems.
I believe all these experiences have helped me become a better, more insightful teacher who constantly tries to show students alternative perspectives and points of view. There are several things that still amaze me about SAIS; such as the will and dedication of all the SAIS community to “raise the bar” and challenge every student. After three happy and fulfilling years I know that I have made the right choice and this is the family I want to belong to!

SAIS – Santo António International School emerged as a result of a project created by a group of several professionals, teachers and former pupils from diverse educational backgrounds who saw different areas of learning that they felt warranted greater focus in their children’s education.

The school building is located in the heart of Monte Estoril, near the historical Villa of Cascais in the Lisbon District area. All classrooms are situated within the main building, the dining room and vocational subjects (Art, Design, Music, and P.E. & P. Arts) are located on the ground floor leading onto the Patio. Our spacious Multipurpose Hall is used for physical education, school weekly assemblies, school presentations, external examinations and other performances.

  • To strive for excellence in all academic, cultural and sporting endeavours.
  • To foster the true value of learning in each child through his/her personal ambition to succeed and to establish a thorough base for the future.
  • To equip each student with a sound level of fluency in at least two languages which in turn will enable them to communicate and develop a keen understanding of other cultures and traditions.
  • To enable students to achieve wide knowledge and understanding which will prepare them for further education and a global career.
  • To develop respect for others, their culture and their religion, and by doing so, prepare students as responsible citizens of the world.
  • To promote awareness of our differences celebrating the diversity of school community.